Rosie's Information

Breed: Cane Corso,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 2 Years
Can live with: Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: No
Location: Sacramento CA

I post this with a very heavy heart…. Her name is Rosie, she’s a couple years old full blooded Cane Corso. May have been born inbreeded not fully sure about that tho. Unfortunately I have been asked to leave my home and cannot take Rosie with me cause she’s often mistaken for pitbull breed but definitely not.  I don’t have any other options for her but surrender her or hopefully rehome her. Please ask me as much as possible if you are interested in helping me out I’d love to see her go to someone who has time and patience with her. She isn’t good with very small children as she’ll run them over while playing.  But very good with non aggressive other dogs. She’s a very nervous dog and doesn’t trust easily.

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