Tucker's Information

Breed: Lab retriever pit,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 2 Years
Can live with: Cats, Children, Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Carmichael ca

Tucker is a very sweet and loving dog. We got him almost 9 months ago and he was super shy. Since being with us he has blossomed into an amazing dog. He listens to commands, he is house trained to not pee inside. He loves food. He does get car sickness if the car ride is too long. I have a teenager at home and he loves to be cuddled and kissed. He loves river walks and does great off leash. He does pull a little on leash. We have a cat and small dog and he gets along with both. He is not a window barker but will bark if somebody knocks. Hee sounds scary but is so shy and gentle. He takes treats gently out of your hand…..we absolutely love him. Unfortunately he does not like being left alone. He has seperation anxiety. I would love to keep him, but with my busy schedule I just can’t train him the right way. He needs somebody that knows how to be there forhim. He doesnt mind the kennel when you’re home, but once you leave he will break out. Sometimes to the point that he will hurt himself. He likes being outside but I don’t have a yard, only a patio

A few things to know, he has a mass on his neck, but isn’t cancerous. He had heartworm but it’s been treated with shots.

Other than that please know that he’s an amazing dog. He deserves a good home and to be spoiled.

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