Winnie's Information

Breed: Guinea Pig,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 2 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: No
Location: Rio Linda, CA

Winnie is a beautiful abyssinian guinea pig with rosettes all over. She loves cilantro, carrot, cucumber, green leaf or red leaf lettuce, banana, and kale, these are her favorites. For most fruits or cucumber they must be cut in pieces or peeled or she won’t eat them. Her cagemate passed away recently and I am unable to continue to care for her or get her another friend.
She is very vocal when it’s veggie time and when I’m in the room with her. She lives in 2 2ft by 4ft open cages connected so she has lots of room to run around, plenty of treats, food water, etc. She’s very sweet, fat, and submissive and loves to hangout and just chill on your lap and chirp. She will do best with either another submissive pig or a dominant one.

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